BioHES About Us

We serve human health with our natural and rich food supplements that we produce with evidence-based scientific data

About Us

BioHES is a formation that operates in the field of Environment and Human Health established under Doruk Group in 2013. BioHES Environment group provides manufacturing and assembly services to public and private hospitals with Medical, Domestic, Hazardous waste depots and Decontamination units.

BioHES Health group produces locally produced domestic production food supplements with efficient and reliable, rich antioxidant content that is used as a support treatment for the management of neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive disorders, containing marine-derived phospholipids enriched with DHA.

BioHES About Us
BioHES Mission-Vision

Protect the natural environment and support healthy life with lipid-based innovative and reliable products.

To provide people with quality and accessible services throughout their lifetime.

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